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Boxing Day

When is Boxing Day?
The public holiday is observed as part of the Christmas holidays in several countries on 26 December. Usually if December 26th is a Saturday or Sunday, it will be shifted and celebrated the next working day.

Boxing Day
It has been said that the Boxing Day name comes after Christmas day from people getting rid of empty boxes from gifts. The custom, while a beguiling idea, dates back to England in the Middle Ages, although the exact origin is debatable.

Christmas it is named after the tradition of priests who open bags of alms in churches. In the run-up to Christmas, these contained money that had been pledged to the poor and needy. This Boxing Day some churches are still opening those boxes.

One explanation is that it stems from the fact that on this day servants were given their gifts in boxes, the 26th being the first working day after Christmas. This custom of giving service gifts spread to tradesmen, such as milkmen, butchers, etc., beyond servants.

In India
While Christmas might have caught up in a big way, in India, the very British Boxing Day celebration on December 26, the day after Christmas, has somehow failed to catch on.